Best Apps for the Avid Reader
June 12, 2022


If you’re an avid reader like me, a trip to the library would need to be a daily or weekly occurrence to keep up with your reading habit. Thankfully, with e-books, I can finish one book and immediately start the next with the click of a button. Below, you’ ll find the top apps for readers, including reading platforms and help choosing your next literary adventure!


No article about book apps would be complete without Kindle. It does have its pros and cons, however. The Kindle app can be used on any s martphone or e-reader device and gives you access to over 6,000,000 books. The app is free (though a subscription is available called Kindle Unlimited), and you pay per book through your Amazon account. Please note that Kindle Unlimited does not give you a ccess to the entire library, though it can save you a ton of time and money if you read specific genres (I read 249 books last year for $9.99 a month).


If you’re curious about what other readers think about the book you’re considering, Goodreads is a free app with millions of users that rate the books they read. It can also help you keep track of your “current,” “finished,” and “want to” lists. Even better, it’s a great place to get recommendations if you finish a book you love, rate it, and chec k the recommendation list. You can even get your favorite quotes and play trivia games when you want a break from reading.


If you love romance, fiction, adventure, and fantasy, Oodles is an excellent app for finding over 50,000 free books to read . The facade is a bit off-putting and outdated, but if you’re trying to slowly switch out your paperbacks for e-books, this is a perfect choice. You really can’t complain about an entirely free library in the palm of your hand!


If you don’t mind a few ads, Media365 is a great app. The library is extensive and includes some trendy authors and self-published books. The interface is sleek, and you can import e-books into the system for reading. Sadly, you will have to upgrade to access the books whi le offline. Still, it’s rated the number one free e-book reader for a reason!


Finding your next read can be a chore, but LikeWise comes to the rescue. It takes a few minutes to set up, as you’ll take a quiz about your preferences and rate the bo oks you’ve read in specific genres. It’s a free crowdsourced interface that recommends books (or podcasts and shows) based on your entries. You will undoubtedly find a hidden gem on this app.


The audiobook companion to the Kindle App, Audible is a must-have for book lovers. If you already have a Kindle account, you can easily switch media back and forth between audio and text, which is a major plus when you have somewhere to go but don’t want to put your book down. The library isn’t quite as exten sive as Kindle, but you won’t run out of great books to listen to any time soon, and the subscription covers one free audiobook a month (and access to thousands of free books).