Best Books in Four Genres for your Book Club
May 20, 2022


Books clubs have been around for a long time. One of the earliest recorded book clubs was started in 1634 by Anne Hutchison in the Massachusetts Bay Colony as a weekly sermon discussion. Since then, book clubs of every genre have come into existence. With the help of the internet, it’s now possible to join book clubs all over the world from your very own living room or even create your own with family and friends. Let’s look at some of the best books for (nearly) every genre so you can choose the next read for your club!

Historical Fiction

1. The Kitchen Front by Jennifer Ryan

Synopsis: Four women compete in a cooking competition during World War II.

Goodreads rating: 3.95

Length: 408 pages


2. Atomic Love by Jennie Fields

Synopsis: A physicist who participate d in the Manhattan Project regrets her choices in love and life but is determined to find happiness.

Goodreads rating: 3.65

Length: 368 pages


3. The Evening and The Morning by Ken Follet

Synopsis: Three people struggle during the Dark Ages, faced with imposs ible choices as their lives are upheaved by the invasion of the Welsh and the Vikings.

Goodreads rating: 4.38

Length: 913 pages


Science Fiction

1. The Children of Men by PD James

Synopsis: The world has lost the ability to have children, and society has di ssolved. New life springs forth in the least likely place, and it must be protected at all costs.

Goodreads rating: 3.68

Length: 241 pages


2. The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin

Synopsis: A man is desperate to stop his dreams as they become a reality.

Goodreads rating: 4.11

Length: 176 pages


3. Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

Synopsis: A young black woman travels back in time from 1970s California to a plantation in Maine.

Goodreads r ating: 4.28

Length: 287



1. The Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith

Synopsis: Two nobles battle a King for the sake of their people.

Goodreads rating: 4.19

Length: 471 pages


2. The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

Synopsis: A young woman finds herself batt ling for the throne against two cousins.

Goodreads rating: 4.27

Length: 1,442 pages


3. The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

Synopsis: A bastard son of a prince finds magic, friendship, and love amidst court intrigue and war.

Goodreads rating: 4.38

Length: 1,9 52 pages



1. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Synopsis: A woman kills her husband and never speaks again, consuming the life of a therapist on her case.

Goodreads rating: 4.14

Length: 325 pages


2. The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Synopsis: A classic murder mystery at a swanky wedding.

Goodreads rating: 3.86

Length: 330 pages


3. In the Woods by Tana French

Synopsis: Three children go missing in the 1980s, and only one is found, gripped by terror.

Goodreads Rating: 3.78

Length: 464 pages