The Future of the Automotive Industry
June 21, 2022

With technological advancements developing faster than ever, it is time to take a second look at the future of the automotive industry.

The EV industry is a quickly expanding subcategory of the automotive industry and its significance and influence are rapidly growing on a global scale. Tesla is one of the main companies leading this new expansion, with the United States having the second largest electric vehicle market in the world, after China.


You might be wondering what is the pushing force behind the sudden growth of the EV industry. Thanks to Tesla’s marketing team, you might think that electric vehicles are all about the hype, however it is much more meaningful than owning a flashy or trendy car. The real answer lies in its sustainability. It is not a secret that cars release carbon dioxide and numerous other toxic pollutants into our environment. This in turn causes the acceleration of climate change all across the globe.


Electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles provide consumers with a socially responsible option within the automotive industry. By choosing to purchase an electric vehicle consumers are solidifying their personal decision to reduce transport emissions and create a sustainable future for generations to come. With global warming and air pollution reaching all-time highs, sustainability and environmental friendliness have become influential factors in many consumers’ decision making process. This shift in consumer spending habits affects not only the automotive industry but also the fashion, manufacturing, and mining industries. For instance, we can see many fashion groups boycotting fast-fashion companies that do not provide safe working environments for their employees and only add more material waste to the environment.


To keep up with this new trend of electric vehicles governments all over the world are working to make EVs more accessible to the public. Many cities are now strategically implementing charging stations city-wide to promote and support the expansion of EVs. The United States has approximately 100,000 charging stations nation-wide. In addition, the Biden Administration has also set a 50 percent electric vehicle (EV) target for 2030.


Of course, despite all the environmental benefits of these new electric vehicles, you may feel hesitant if you are not yet familiar with it. You may wonder can electricity really provide the same high quality and satisfactory driving experience. The answer is yes. Electric vehicles are known for offering a more smooth and quiet driving feel, this may be different from what you are used to but it may feel like a change for the better. In addition, as long as you are living in a city or are aware of the nearby charging stations you will not have to worry about being unable to travel long distances. This minor concern is even more solved by Tesla’s use of nickel-based batteries which provide longer distances for EVs.

In conclusion, electric vehicles are the new and rapidly growing trend for the automotive vehicle. However, you should note that it is not just a trend but a new technology that is here to stay. If you are still unsure about electric vehicles go to a nearby car dealership and take one for a test drive, it will be a memorable experience