Outdoor Appliances
May 21, 2022


While many of us are familiar with indoor appliances, outdoor appliances are often overlooked. Sure, everyone knows about grills, but many appliances are available in outdoor versions that can elevate your outdoor space from mundane sitting areas to culina ry or entertainment wonderlands. Let’s take a look!

Lynx Professional Built-In Cocktail Station

If you’re often throwing outdoor cocktail parties on your patio, there’s no need to run inside every time someone wants a well-made drink. The Lynx Profession al Built-In Cocktail Station offers a sink and bottle boot, with a chill box for ice. You can keep juice, wine, and required mixes nice and cold with easy access using the speed rail front design. It even has a bottle cap opener with a cap-catch underneath . It’s available from several suppliers.

The 805 Deluxe Island Grill with Beverage Center

No outdoor appliance article would be complete without a grill, but mundane grills are off the table. This Deluxe Island Grill is the ultimate outdoor kitchen comp onent. It is stainless steel with ample cabinet storage and a gorgeous faux-granite countertop. Aside from the 38-inch propane gas grill, a side burner makes cooking dinner a breeze. It also includes a 2.6 cubic ft refrigerator, a sink, and a bottle opener .

Coyote Outdoor Kitchen Island

If space is a concern, or you’re just looking for a 2-in-1 grill and refrigerator combo, this is the choice for you. It has an 18-inch electric grill directly above a 21-inch refrigerator with 4.1 cubic ft of storage space and adjustable shelving, perfect for small patios and poolside kitchens. The stonework facade on the front lends a friendly feel that stainless steel cannot match. It also has ample counter space, made of 1.5-inch thick concrete, allowing prep and serve t o happen all in the same space.

Weatherized TVs Elite Converted LG 8 Series

Cooking is fun, but often, we want to sit back and enjoy a nice movie outside. Lugging an indoor television out for an evening can be a hassle. Thankfully, weatherized television s are now available to bring our outdoor entertainment to the next level. You won’t find a projector that matches the quality of an actual outdoor tv. Each weatherized television is coated with a hydrophobic treatment to protect it from the elements, so th ere is no need to worry about rain or sun damage. These televisions are also specially designed to have high contrast for the ultimate viewing capabilities on a sunny day.

Bromic Heating Tungsten Smart-Heater

There’s no reason to shiver in the cold while cooking or to stop using your backyard during the winter months. Installing a heater can ensure you get to use your other outdoor appliances

year-round. The Bromic is a 56” dual-element electric infrared heater that can keep your patio warm in even the coldest weather. It can be mounted to a wall or ceiling and comes in two colors, black and white. It’s the perfect addition to your outdoor space.