My New Hobby: Pilates
June 17, 2022

Welcome back to my blog, here is an update on my life lately. I have recently picked up a new hobby, pilates. In the past, I have turned to jogging, cycling, and the gym to stay fit. However, I decided to try pilates when a close friend of mine asked me to come along for her lesson.

I had previously seen many mentions of pilates and yoga online, and so I thought that it would be a fun and easy low impact low intensity workout. I was completely surprised to learn that pilates was in fact a low impact but very high intensity workout that left me feeling toned and achy the next day. I participated in a group class with four other students. I personally preferred the small group setting to a larger group, because as a beginner the instructor was better able to guide me through the class. If you are looking to start pilates too, I would recommend you take 1 on 1 lessons or join a small sized class.

After my first class, I decided to sign up for a membership and have since attended a few more classes. It is definitely a new hobby of mine and I want to continue being consistent with it to see healthy changes in my body.

Pleasantly surprised by the effects of the work out I decided to do a little research on pilates. I learned that pilates is so effective because it focuses on stretching and relaxing specific muscles of your body to create a toned and lean body image. This is great for individuals who are afraid that going to the gym will cause them to look bulkier.

Pilates is also great for all age groups, as it is comprised of low impact exercises you do not have to worry about any strain on your joints. In addition, a great tip for your first few classes is to not push yourself too much. If you feel the workout is getting to intense for you, don’t be afraid to sit and catch your breath or drink some water. Even members of my class who have been participating for quite a few months, freely took breaks throughout the class to regain their energy. Pilates is all about doing what feels good and right for your body, as the muscles and their tension levels are different for every person.

Pilates is also a great way to lose weight. Don’t let the words “low impact” fool you. This just means that you will not feel much impact on your joints, it is still a “high intensity” workout and it is impossible not to sweat at some point during your session. Pilates focuses on engaging your core so it is the perfect way to lose weight while toning all the right places!