Functional Fashion
May 31, 2022

Seamlessly blending style and performance, functional fashion offers the best of both worlds for the wearer. It looks good, feels great, and leaves you ready to take on the world. What’s more, it’s often made using sustainable resources that are durable and environmentally friendly. Men have long had access to fashion that is functional but only recently have designers turned a keen eye towards women’s wear. Seriously, we’re still delighted and surprised when a dress has pockets.

If you’re interested in functional fashion, we’ve curated a list of our top picks to add that functional flair to your wardrobe. Read on to find out more!


Corset Detail Long Jacket by Venus

As women, we carefully construct our outfits for work and play. The Corset Detail Long Jacket by Venus is designed to showcase the outfit underneath while keeping you warm on a cold day. The sleek facade has hook and eye closures, creating the perfect cinching effect, while the long tails with a high rise slit up the back feel daring and beautiful. The midnight black color is sure to go with any outfit, making this an incredibly versatile choice. It’s available in eleven sizes, from 2-22, for only $69.


Contrast Side Pocket Inclined Button Maxi Dress by Rotita

This gorgeous Contrast Side Pocket Inclined Button Maxi Dress by Rotita works for any professional or formal occasion. The black overlay and beige peek-a-boo skirt with white buttons along the incline hem make it astoundingly classy, and both pockets are cleverly hidden yet easy to access. You’ll be the envy of coworkers and friends in this functional dress. The color scheme makes it easy to pair with any accessories, too. It’s available in sizes 4-20 and won’t break the bank at $52.


Pointed-Toe V-Cut Flats by Vivia

No longer are tennis shoes the only functional choice for women. The Pointed-Toe V-Cut Flats by Vivia may look classy enough for any occasion, but they are made from recycled materials, can be machine washed, and are antimicrobial and breathable. They also have a non-slip grip and eco-friendly deodorizing insole. They come in Deep Ebony, Denim, and Cream Ivory and are available in sizes 5-10.5 for only $89.


The Eastbound Blazer by Athleta

Available in Minimalist Grey and Black, the Eastbound Blazer by Athleta is a peak functional fashion choice. Made of Ponte fabric with oversized pockets, it looks highly professional and is easy to pair with the rest of your wardrobe. The design is timeless, but it’s machine washable and can be tossed in the dryer without care. The fit is relaxed, making it the perfect choice for commuting, working, or travel. It’s available in sizes 0-26 for only $149.

Regardless of the functional fashion you choose, be sure to pair it with the right accessories for the occasion. Your choice of jewelry and perfume can take your functional style to the next level.