Work Hard, Play Harder Accessories Set the Vibe
June 4, 2022


When it comes to fashion, it’s the accessories that set the tone of an outfit. A black dress perfect for a corporate office setting can be just as suitable for a fun evening out, all depending on the accessories. A delicate gold chain with a single pendant adorning your neck and a matching bracelet on your wrist bring class and sophistication, while a chunky set of love beads in multiple strands with matching wrist bands can make the same outfit flirty and fun.

While the concept sounds simple, it’s anything , but y ou need a keen eye for the right accessories ; otherwise , you’ll feel out of place in your environment. Let’s go over the most common outfits for work and play and which accessories you should use to send the right message.

From Office Casual to Afternoon Delight

Let’s say you’ve picked out a classy pair of straight-legged jeans for a casual day at the office. Paired with a white button-down blouse and a French twist-up-do , you look ready to take on the world. Still, your accessories are essential. White pearl earrings with a triple-stranded baroque freshwater pearl necklace add that professional flair. Pair it with a simple, elegant black handbag and black flats or pumps, and a shattered glass ceiling is sure to crumble underfoot. Once you’re done slaying the day, you’ll want to celebrate with friends, so switch out the baroque jewelry for a few statement pieces. Let your hair down, give it a good finger comb, and trade that elegant black purse and shoe combo for a splash of color. Voila! You’re ready for fun.

From Corporate Grace to Date Night Charm

Comfortable dresses are often the best choice for a day at work and a night on the town. A neutral-colored turtleneck midi offers the best of both worlds, looking professional by day and suggestive by night. Avoid olive and other green-toned neutrals. It’s a great color for work, but not for fun. Stick with the ivory, gray, and brown-toned neutrals. For the office, accessorize with a simple pair of drop earrings, a French braid adorned with a matching barrette, and a purse and shoe in a complementary color, a shade darker or lighter than the dress. For the date, trade out the barrette for a set of hair sticks, add a fun necklace and tassel charm earrings , and go for a bold and bright purse and shoe combo.

Once you learn how to accessorize, you’ll find yourself shopping for the perfect vibe. Don’t forget to add a signature scent when all is said and done. It’s one of the most subtle accessories, but it’s imperative. You can also have some lunchtime fun with a quick accessory switch-up midday. Just don’t forget to switch back before you climb back on the corporate ladder!