The Lowdown on Two Popular Clothing Subscriptions
May 29, 2022


Picking out your clothing for work or play every day can be a hassle. Unless you have a particular knack for fashion, you could end up wasting hours of your life mixing and matching and watching all of your clothes wind up in a heap each morning (this is m e). Thankfully, this is a common problem with a great solution: clothing subscriptions. Still, if you’re looking into using a clothing subscription, you might be having a hard time choosing which one to use. We’re here to make that just a smidge easier by giving you the lowdown on two of the most popular clothing subscriptions on the market, so you know what to expect before clicking subscribe.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix has been in the subscription clothing market for over ten years, and they’ve certainly cul tivated a following. Technically, it’s not a subscription at all, as you don’t have to commit to a preset amount of boxes (though that’s an option). Still, it’s a great way to get a new look. Once you sign up by downloading the app or going online, you’re assigned a personal stylist. You take a quiz on your preferences and supply them with your budget and size. The stylist then ships out preselected outfits that you can keep for a fee or return for free.

They provide everything from tops to bottoms, outer layers, and shoes. This isn’t just for a corporate office look. You can choose anything from classy to casual, making this the perfect option for many women. Each box costs a non-refundable $20 styling fee, and that $20 is applied to what you buy if you c hoose to keep an item. You can also get discounts if you purchase a certain amount of items sent. Once you decide what to keep and send back, you’ll go online and rate what you liked or didn’t like about the item or fit.

Trunk Club

Similar to the Stitch Fix process, Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom. Unlike Stitch Fix, however, Trunk Club gives you a sneak peek at what they’re sending your way, allowing you to make edits to the selection. Even better, they have a Style Swipe process to swipe left or right on looks you love or hate. They also have a photo submission function for you to send your stylist your favorite outfits once you sign up. It does cost slightly more than Stitch Fix at $25 per “trunk” if you don’t keep anything, but it offers decent disco unts if you like what was sent.

Keep in mind that Nordstrom will be considerably more pricey than Stitch Fix in the long run due to the brands of clothing available. This might not necessarily be a detractor if you’re looking for high-end clothes and a p ersonal stylist without having to go into a store. A few bonus points: Nordstrom gift cards work, and you get credits towards the Nordy Club.