Nursery Decor: Beyond the Basics
June 21, 2022

Ready to invite a new member into your family? Decorating a nursery is one of the most exciting things you can do while awaiting the arrival of your new baby. There are always so many options and different directions you can go with the overall design. If it is your first child, decorating the nursery will also be a memorable journey with your significant other.

We are all aware of the basic essentials of a nursery, you need a crib, crib mobile, changing table, dressers, bookshelves, and more. You don’t need to read an article to be aware of such things, so this post aims to give you some insight on aspects of the nursery you may have not yet considered.

Baby Monitor 

Thanks to technology you can now keep an eye on your baby around the clock. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or are working full time and have a nanny watch your baby during the day, a baby monitor is no longer a want but a need.

Big Comfy Chair

You will be spending a lot of time in the nursery caring for your newborn, so it is important you have somewhere comfortable to sit while feeding, and cuddling your baby. Do not cut corners when choosing a comfortable chair, even if it costs a little more than you anticipated, you will thank yourself later. We recommend a rocking chair with full strong cushions and extra support.


This is an easily forgotten aspect of home decor when it comes to nurseries. We constantly praise the mental and health benefits of keeping indoor plants, so the next obvious step should be to place them in your nursery. Plants will help keep your baby’s room’s air clean and circulating.

Personalized Wall Decor 

This is a fun and cute way to personalize your baby’s room. Create or buy a wall decor furnishing with your baby’s name on it. You can use different fonts from cursive to block fonts and get creative. The only word of caution here would be to stay away from neon wall decor as it may be harsh on a newborn’s eyes.

Relaxing Color Palette 

Adding onto what we said before about neon, it’s best to go for a relaxing color palette when designing your child’s room. Of course, everyone loves a pop of color here and there. Maybe you want a bright red throw pillow, or some yellow curtains to brighten up the room, that’s great! Just avoid painting all four walls of your room intense colors such as red, orange, or black (even if it is your favorite color). It is better to choose colors that will create a light and relaxing environment, such as eggshell white, beige, pastel pinks, yellows, and blues.

Bluetooth Speakers

This one is a new addition to my list too, but trust me once you start using them you will understand why they are a staple for your nursery. You can use these speakers to play calming and relaxing music/sounds for your child before bedtime or when they are crying. It will also help you stay stress-free while taking care of your baby.